Taking stock

After reading some other Caterham build blogs I knew that I wanted to have a good look through all the boxes and see what was missing before I started the build in earnest. I also wanted to check that nothing had been damaged during delivery. I don’t seem to be missing anything obvious, but sadly some parts have taken some damage during transit.


Bashed radiator

The radiator has clearly been dropped or slid around in the van so this will need to go back to Caterham for a replacement, and the chassis paintwork has got some scuffs here and there. The saddest one for me though was the nosecone which had clearly rubbed on one of the chassis members and been damaged. The paint is gone and there’s a decent chunk of fibreglass gone so it will need a specialist repair.

I contacted Greg at BookaTrack who was really helpful – the nosecone and paint scuffs will be sorted when the car goes in for Post Build Check so nothing to worry about!

Delivery day – so many boxes!

So the big day has finally arrived. We got back from holiday about an hour before Keith from BookaTrack arrived so it was a little rushed to get ready! The main chassis arrived in a little trailer, and as the hatch lifted up I was really pleased with how cool the car looked. In my opinion a Caterham needs to be in a bright colour, and the Firecracker yellow paint and matte black stripes looked fantastic.

The first issue was that Keith reckoned we’d need at least one more pair of strong hands to lift the chassis into the garage – a quick stroll up the road to a building site and a couple of kind lads were roped in and the car was in its new home.

An hour and a cuppa later, all of the boxes were unloaded and Keith was on his way home, leaving me to try and work out how all of this stuff was going to fit!