Joining the engine and gearbox

The engine arrives from Caterham bolted onto a specially adapted pallet, and in my case with the bellhousing loosely bolted to it.


The gearbox arrived in a massive and very sturdy cardboard box which was taking up a load of space in the garage, but did come with a handy cardboard stand inside to keep the gearbox upright. I managed to cut the top of the box away so i could use the stand to support the ‘box while I bolted the bellhousing on. Once this was assembled I tried to manhandle this over to the engine and get it connected, but it was too heavy for me to move it around gently and accurately enough to get the input shaft to slide into the clutch spline. Fortunately Darren next door came home at just the right time to help, and after a bit of swearing the gearbox and engine slid together.

If I was doing this again I’d have the bolts easily to hand and positioned in the right sequence, as they’re all different lengths and you need to make sure they go in the right place, which isn’t that easy to do when you’re trying to hold up a 55kg gearbox.

Getting this done felt like a really big step in the build and also helped to get rid of some very big cardboard boxes! Next step: engine in.