Front antiroll bar

With the front suspension attached I could bolt on the front antiroll bar. This looked pretty easy; a couple of little plastic balls that thread onto the end of the bar, a pair of bright orange rubber bushes and some brackets. After past experience I decided to dry fit the brackets first to check everything cleared – the holes in the chassis tubes needed a drill running down them to clear out a little of the powder coat and to open up the holes in the aluminium. Then with a quick spray of rubber lubricant the orange bushes pushed into the brackets and then both could slide onto the bar in roughly the correct position. The balls on each end just screw on, but Caterham recommend some threadlock to stop them coming loose.

The plastic balls on the end of the ARB push into cups on the upper wishbones and with a bit of grease applied the first one seemed to fit.  A bit of brute force was needed to bend the second one into place but not too tricky.


On closer examination, though, I couldn’t get them to push right inside the cup and seat properly, which meant the bolts wouldn’t reach the brackets. Hmm. With a bit of wiggling and some longer bolts I managed to pull the bar into place against the chassis in the hope that this would pull the ARB into place, but this left the bushes looking a bit weird.


This was clearly not right (which Derek from Caterham agreed with when I sent him some photos by email), and my mate James recommended cutting a little groove in the side of the ball to let the excess grease and any trapped air could escape from the cup and let the ball seat properly. 5 minutes with a junior hacksaw later and the anti roll bar was looking a lot better, with the balls seated properly and the bushes not looking distorted. The little groove certainly helped and I don’t think it should cause any issues, but only time will tell I guess.

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