Front suspension

After sorting the headlights I could get on with attaching the front wishbones, shocks, uprights, and brakes. The Caterham build manual is actually pretty good for this part of the assembly so apart from forgetting to apply copper slip a few times it was all pretty smooth.


Caterham suggests fitting 2 washers either side of the rear wishbone mounting which involves a bit of gentle persuasion (hitting with a hammer). The real pain in the backside is the top shock mounting bolt.  You have to ‘ease the aluminium panel away’ to clear the bolt, but this is a bit of an understatement and you need to be pretty forceful. I cut down an allen key to enable me to access the head of the bolt and then spent a long time and some scraped knuckles turning the bolt a quarter of a turn at a time until it was all together.


This might now look all assembled, but I’d forgotten this…


…so off came the Nyloc nut at the back of the hub and the upper balljoint so I could fit the stupid wingstay and bolt everything together again. And with that, the front end was starting to look like a car! (Must remember to adjust the headlights).


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