Headlights and indicators

Before I get excited and start bolting the suspension on, the manual and many of the other blogs I’ve read say you have to fit the headlight bracket as you bolt on the upper wishbone, which pretty much means you have to do the headlight wiring. A lot of people (including Rob’s excellent blog) use a method suggested by Daniel French to neaten up the wiring. The first thing is to put some IVA strip all around the bottom of the plastic indicator housing, I fixed mine using some dots of superglue every inch or so.


It’s a bit tricky because all the wires have to end up inside the chassis after having passed through the indicator housing, various fasteners and a tiny hole down the middle of the headlight bracket.


For the first headlight I tried out Daniel’s method which worked OK, but it’s left me with a pretty short indicator wire inside the body – it will reach the wiring plug OK so shouldn’t be a problem but I’m not that happy with it. Once you’ve shrink wrapped the wires it’s really difficult to feed them through the headlight bracket and into the headlight housing using this method.  For the second headlight I decided to use Caterham’s method and I’ll decide which one I like the best afterwards.


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