First build day – steering rack and IVA trim

So the predictable first step is to bolt on the steering rack – this is a nice easy job, the bits are obvious and not too much can go wrong.


The steering rack is held in place by aluminium clamps which are nicely machined – these are held in place by caphead bolts that drop in through the top and through holes in the crossmember. Flat washers and nyloc nuts go underneath and get loosely tightened for now.

After putting the steering rack in place I thought it might be a good shout to put some tape over the paintwork to protect it – I bought some blue masking tape from B&Q which is just sticky enough and is pretty tough.

20170629_200341 I then immediately peeled it all off again because I’d forgotten to fit the IVA trim strip. To pass the IVA test this has to go around the openings in the chassis that the wishbones poke through. Read the manual, Ben. This is fiddly to fit but not too difficult – I started at one end then cut it to length and put a 45 degree cut at either end to make it look a bit neater. The it’s just a matter of putting a dab of superglue every inch or so along the strip as you fit it, making sure you hold it in place in the tight corners until the glue has set. I has to cut some little triangles out of the strip in the tightest corner to allow it to bend tightly enough without wrinkling but it looks pretty good now it’s finished.



At this point it was pretty dark and I was very hungry, so time to call it a day.

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